Real Estate for remarkable people

People who excel themselves all the time need that special home as their retreat. For themselves and their families.

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Real Estate for remarkable people

You define what luxury means.

We find the real estate that fulfils your personal expectations and shows your values.

The view over Lake Starnberg. The large roof top terrace in the centre of Berlin. The long drive up to your villa on Sylt, close to the beach. Luxury is very personal and individual. We’d like to talk to you about your interpretation of luxury. We will find just the perfect real estate for you. That’s our promise.

We are real estate experts, with an antenna for your needs.

Our claim for your real estate project.


Truly unrivalled properties filled with every dream of aesthetics, are radiant with fascination, being a retreat for their owner at any time.


We go the extra mile to find real estate that is an exact match for you. That’s why we try to perfectly understand your life, your needs and values.


Your property is there to safeguard you and your family. So all our properties are equipped with that maximum comfort and maximum level of security.

Please make that first step towards your perfect property.

Just contact us so we can arrange our first meeting. Without any obligations, of course.

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Cooperation based on confidentiality and a systematic approach.

There is a plan for the way to your perfect property.

Step-by-step to the property of your dreams.

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„I share Oscar Wilde’s statement: Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.“

Stefan Reichert