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An opportunity for everyone with ambitions

We like to win – together with our customers and with you.

Our guideline is the firm belief that we are successful when others are successful through our support. This is true for our customers and their properties but also for our team. People are the most important part of Stefan Reichert & partners. It is our responsibility that the team members will develop through our cooperation. 

Could we help you reach some of your professional and personal objectives?

„Quality people guarantee the quality of our business.“

Stefan Reichert

About us

Who we are

Strong personalities.
By joining us you can learn from one of the best real estate agents for up-market properties.

Passionate about our customers.
We are proud of our clients and the properties we take care of.

Reputable business people.
We adhere to strong ethical principles.

A healthy working atmosphere.
We offer a sound and very open working atmosphere where everyone can be at their best.

A strong relationship.
We are a team where people support each other. Loyalty is very important to us.

Promoting talent.
Highly motivated people will be promoted and can become our partners obtaining a license from us.

We are NO

Our success stories are written by us as a team.

Our slogan is true for our customers and our team members; everything is possible without fail.

We know that dreams can become true through our actions.

Everyone of us has his strengths and will be promoted to show it.

We don’t have any competitors. We attract those clients who make a definite choice to work with us.

Our life in the office is as dynamic as the projects we work for every day.


Our expectations

You are highly committed and always have the customer in the focus of your actions.

You don’t think in terms of constraints, but in terms of possibilities.

Supporting your team members is a matter of course for you.

You take full responsibility for your professional success.

Loyalty is important to you.

You always look beyond the end of your nose and see the unique potential in every object.

Come and join our team

Take the chance to become part of a very successful enterprise.

We look for:

For the expansion of our office in Düsseldorf we are currently looking for 2-4 estate agents (m/f/d) with or without job experience, who would be happy to belong to our team.


We offer:

We do not only offer a very open working atmosphere but also:

  • an electric company car which can be used for private purposes
  • a monthly salary
  • a substantial provision payment
  • an iPhone
  • top-quality office equipment
  • training and support by the management

If you are highly motivated and successful you might move on to a managerial role and even become the responsible manager for the Düsseldorf office.


Did we spark your interest?

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Your way to become a team member

Step-by-step to the position that will promote your career.

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Successful realisations

„Everything starts with a splendid idea and a wonderful team.“

Stefan Reichert